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At any given time we typically have 4 - 6 undergraduate chemical engineers and chemists working in our labs as research assistants, either for pay or for credit. We prefer such student to spend multiple semesters with us, so that they may make documentable contributions, such as giving talks at meetings or coauthorship of research publications. Typically such students work with us for multiple semesters, perhaps part-time during the fall and spring, and up to full time in the summer. For the sake of continuity, we do not accept co-op students. We prefer students with GPA's > 3. This is an excellent opportunity for students to find out whether they like research, and to get a better feeling for what graduate school might be like. It also permits us to write more meaningful recommendations for such students.


Fall 2014 Undergrads:

  • Alex Aw
  • Zach Campbell
  • Harris Eldridge
  • Jonathan Slater
  • Charles Winslow
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