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Former Researchers


Our students leave Georgia Tech to pursue careers any many different fields.  Below is a list showing some of the places our students and post-doctoral fellows have gone.


Tony Belcher NASA Langley Research Center
David Boatright State University of West Georgia
Noel Brantley Albemarle
Joan Brennecke Notre Dame University
James Brown ExxonMobil
Karen Chandler Exxon
Ken Cox Ohio State University
Cerag Dilek Yeditepe University
Laura Draucker EPA 
Brandon Eason Kerr McGee
Michael Ekart Eastman Chemical Co.
Jackson Ford The University of Kansas
Roger Glaser University of Stuttgart
John Gohres Evonik (Formerly Degussa)
Kris Griffith American Pacific Corporation [AMPAC]
Kellye Hafner Westvaco
Jason Hallett Imperial College  - London
Malina Janakat Frito Lay
Sergei Kazarian Imperial College
Christopher Kitchens Clemson University
Barbara Knutson University of Kentucky
David Lamb General Electric
Michael Lazzaroni Albemarle
Truc Ngo Intel Corporation
Shane Nolen Intel Corporation
Heather Patrick Oxford at Emory
Susnata Samanta Grace Construction Products
Steven Sherman Argonne National Lab – West
Martin Shiller DuPont
Charu Shukla Southwest Research Institute
David Suleiman University of Puerto Rico
Lee Thompson Michelin
David Tomasko Ohio State University
Michael Vincent DuPont
Ross Weikel McKinsey & Co
Kevin West University of St. Thomas
Christy Wheeler-West College of St. Catherine
Victor Wyatt U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
GaTech Chemical Engineering Chemistry