Publications 2007 - 2008

John L. Gohres, Charu L. Shukla, Rigoberto Hernandez, Charles L. Liotta, and Charles A. Eckert, “Effects of Solute Structure on Local Solvation and Solvent Interactions: Results from UV/Vis Spectroscopy and Molecular Dynamics Simulations,” J Phys Chem B, 112, 14993-14998, 2008.(abstract)

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Jackson Ford, Jie Lu, Charles Liotta and Charles Eckert, “Solvent effects on the kinetics of a Diels-Alder reaction in gas-expanded liquids,” I&EC Res, 47, 632-637, 2008. (abstract)

Nan Jiang, Daniele Vinci, Charles L. Liotta, Charles A. Eckert, and Arthur J. Ragauskas, “Piperylene Sulfone: A Recyclable Dimethyl Sulfoxide Substitute for Copper-Catalyzed Aerobic Alcohol Oxidation”, I&EC Res, 47, 627-631, 2008. (abstract)

Aaron M. Scurto, Elizabeth Newton, Ross R. Weikel, Laura Draucker, Jason Hallett, Charles L. Liotta, Walter Leitner, Charles A. Eckert, “Melting Point Depression of Ionic Liquids with CO2: Measurement and Modeling,” I&EC Res, 47, 493-501, 2008. (abstract)

Jason P. Hallett, Pamela Pollet, Charles L. Liotta and Charles A. Eckert, “Reversible In Situ Catalyst Formation,” Accounts of Chemical Research, 41,  458 - 467, 2008. (abstract)

John L. Gohres, Christopher L. Kitchens, Jason P. Hallett, Alexander V. Popov, Rigoberto Hernandez, Charles L. Liotta, and Charles A. Eckert “A Spectroscopic and Computational Exploration of the Cybotactic Region of Gas-Expanded Liquids: Methanol and Acetone,” J Phys Chem B, 112, 4666-4673, 2008. (abstract)

Jason P. Hallett, Jackson W. Ford, Rebecca S. Jones, Pamela Pollet, Colin A. Thomas, Charles L. Liotta and Charles A. Eckert, “Hydroformylation Catalyst Recycle With Gas-Expanded Liquids,” I&EC Res, 47, 2585-2589, 2008. (abstract)

Jackson W. Ford, Malina E. Janakat, Jie Lu, Charles L. Liotta, Charles A. Eckert, “Local polarity in CO2-expanded acetonitrile: a nucleophilic substitution reaction and 8solvatochromic probes,” J. Org Chem, 73, 3364-3368, 2008. (abstract)

Elizabeth M. Hill, James M. Broering, Jason P. Hallett, Charles L. Liotta, Charles A. Eckert, Andreas S. Bommarius, “Coupling Chiral Homogeneous Biocatalytic Reactions with Benign Heterogeneous Separation,” Green Chemistry, 9, 888-893, 2007. (abstract)

D. Vinci, M. Donaldson, J. P. Hallett, E. A. John, P. Pollet, C. A. Thomas, J. D. Grilly, P. G. Jessop, C. L. Liotta, C. A. Eckert, “Piperylene Sulfone: a Labile and Recyclable DMSO Substitute,” Chem. Commun, 2007, 1427 - 1429. (abstract)

Ross R. Weikel, Jason P. Hallett, Charles L. Liotta , and Charles A. Eckert, “Self-neutralizing in situ acid catalysis for single pot synthesis of iodobenzene and methyl yellow in CO2-expanded methanol,” I&EC Res, 46, 5252 – 5257, 2007. (abstract)

Charles Eckert, Charles Liotta , Arthur Ragauskas, Jason Hallett , Christopher Kitchens, Elizabeth Hill, and Laura Draucker , “Tunable Solvents for Fine Chemicals from the Biorefinery,” Green Chemistry, 2007, 545 - 548. (abstract)

Gregory P. Robbins, Jason P. Hallett, David Bush , Charles A. Eckert, “Liquid-Liquid Equilibria and Partitioning in Organic-Aqueous Systems,” Fluid Phase Equil., 252, 48–53, 2007 (abstract)

Timothy C. Frank, John J. Anderson, James D. Olson, and Charles A. Eckert, “Application of MOSCED and UNIFAC to Screen Hydrophobic Solvents for Extraction of Hydrogen-Bonding Organics from Aqueous Solution,” I&EC Res, 46, 4621-4625, 2007. (abstract)

Laura C. Draucker, Malina Janakat, Michael J. Lazzaroni, David Bush, and Charles A. Eckert and Timothy C. Frank and James D. Olson, “Experimental Determination and Model Prediction of Solid Solubility of Multi-functional Compounds in Pure and Mixed Non-electrolyte Solvents, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 46(7), 2198-2204, 2007.

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