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Prospective Researchers


All of our projects are done by teams – typically consisting of researchers at different levels and with disparate background. Many teams include collaborators from outside our group – others from Georgia Tech, from other universities, or often our industrial partners. We try to foster teamwork and leadership among our group members. Good communication skills are essential for all group members. If you are interested in an opportunity with our group, please contact Dr. Eckert or Dr. Liotta well in advance to assure proper planning.





At any given time we typically have 6-10 undergraduate chemical engineers and chemists working in our labs as research assistants, either for pay or for credit. We prefer such student to spend multiple semesters with us, so that they may make documentable contributions, such as giving talks at meetings or coauthorship of research publications. Typically such students work with us for multiple semesters, perhaps part-time during the fall and spring, and up to full time in the summer. For the sake of continuity, we do not accept co-op students. We prefer students with GPA's > 3. This is an excellent opportunity for students to find out whether they like research, and to get a better feeling for what graduate school might be like. It also permits us to write more meaningful recommendations for such students. If you are interested in such an opportunity, please contact Dr. Eckert well in advance to assure proper planning.


Graduate Students

We accept new PhD students into the group each year, offering a variety of topics. Normally students first select our group and then we talk with each individual about their interests and career goals so that we may suggest a number of possible projects. PhD students who wish to join our group should, after they matriculate at GT, visit our laboratories and talk to current students. Because of our team approach, we will add only students who the group feels will fit in well. We rarely accept terminal MS students.  Here is a pdf of the 2012 slideshow about our group (link).  Also you may link to an article in the journal Science on choosing an advisor.

Alex Herzog, a high school student at Holy Innocents' Episcopal School, being supervised by Reagan Charney, a graduate student in the Eckert-Liotta Group.


Postdoctoral Students

We typically have 4-6 postdoctoral associates and research scientists and engineers in the group. We will add such people only after a personal interview, and then for a minimum period of two years. Initiative, leadership, and good communication skills are vital for these positions.


Visiting Scholars

We welcome visiting professors and other visiting scholars, and at any time we will typically have one or two with us. We can furnish office space and access to our laboratories. We have no funds available for stipends for such visitors, but we often work with them to help them find their own support.

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